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Two-Week Express Publishing Service

For authors who find themselves with an immediate, upcoming event, BookLocker offers an expedited publishing service. If an author is immediately available and responds to correspondence regarding formatting and cover design quickly, we can usually get a book to market within two weeks of the author submitting their final files and approval forms to us. (Please allow extra time if you need a shipment of your books to arrive for an event! The two-week timeline is for the design and publishing process only.) This service is not available for color-interior books.

Express Service Fee - Flat Rate: $967.00

The fee includes express setup, first year annual file hosting fee, and express original cover design.

While you may submit artwork to be included in your cover design, we prefer not to accept third-party covers when authors use our Express service. Third-party designers almost never submit covers to our specs and this creates a great deal of confusion, and delays the publication of the author's book. Our designer has agreed to specific fees and rush requirements for this program. You will own all rights to your cover design when it is complete. You can see samples of our covers HERE. If you still desire to submit a cover from a third party, you must understand that the Express fee will still be $967 and that we won't be able to meet the two-week deadline if the cover submitted is not to our specs.

Our POD set-up process is just three simple steps.

  • First, you sign the contract.

  • Then you pay your fees.

  • Finally, you submit your files.

That's it!

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